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When first released in 1985, Croser quickly found its position as Australia’s finest sparkling wine — a wine to rival Champagne. With the growth of the sparkling sector and the influx of affordable Champagne, Croser no longer had this space to itself. It needed to reassert its position. As part of an holistic brand review, Parallax was asked to define the brand architecture, refresh the packaging and develop gifting opportunities.

Our first step in the project was to audit the brand’s assets. The distinctive triangular label (a nod to folded linen napkins) was retained. The Croser logotype was completely redrawn, resulting in a far more elegant and refined wordmark. A custom pattern was developed for hoods, and a custom grain for the labels. The simplified labels incorporated new embellishments in the form of embossing, foiling and screening. Finally we developed a range of branded gift items, special edition pressed tin tubes, and gift boxes.